Top 10 Family Halloween Movies
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Top 10 Family Halloween Movies

Good Afternoon all my Simply Friends!

Today is officially the start of my Halloween countdown, and yes I am way more excited than anyone else in my house! Personally Halloween is my favorite holiday, especially since for me I celebrate Samhain, which is a Wicca/Pagan holiday. So I go a little extra around this time.

Since moving into my new apartment was just so much fun this summer, I don't have any Halloween decor which means I get to plan a day to go get all new decorations and make sure my apartment is the spooky-est on the complex! That will have to be on a different day with a different camera since my poor camera has given its last life.

To start me off in the Halloween spirit I love to have on a movie that is perfect for Halloween, and Aria loves scary movies, Thankfully, so I am able to put on a variety of different scary movies!

Check out these 10 Family Movies to get into the Spooky Spirit!

In all honesty, I am not the biggest scary movie fan like I love to watch a scary movie but I will put on a princess movie before bed. I know I am a wimp but I am just keeping it honest with everyone, so if your like me and love scary movies but regret it after comment below what your favorite “girly” movie is!

Halloween Town.

If you grew up anytime between 2000-2005 you know the movies of Halloween Town, where a girl named Marty finds out she's a witch and much like we all were at 13, she was rebellious and wanted to learn everything she could so she plays stowaway on a magical bus and ends up with her grandmother in a place called Halloween Town. While there she gets into some trouble with an evil Warlock, plus she has to deal with a firm yelling from her mother. There is actually four movies in the saga and each one is just as good.

Though in the 4th movie we could have done without the actress change… >>cough<< >>cough<< Disney.. But in all the movies are great and heartwarming. Plus perfect for the kids to get their feet wet and start off the Halloween Movie at-hon!

You Can buy the movie here:

Hocus Pocus

Yes! The most famous Sanderson Sister had to make a top number on my list! I mean how could anyone not love this movie? The young Max wants to empress this girl at school so of course he decides to summon the Sanderson Sisters, on accident, which leads to one of the best musical numbers by a threesome of witches. “I put a spell on you” is my most played song of the season! Hocus Pocus has been a fan favorite in my house well since it came out in 1993, I will usually throw it on a few times during October when I am just in the mood for a little witchy vibes.

You can purchase the movie here:

The Craft

Witch movies touch a string with me and of course you can’t not pick the Craft when it comes to witchy vibes! When new girl, Sarah moves into a new town she meets a group of girls that step to their own path, they end up calling to a higher power and each of them grow their powers of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and end up rocking their prim and proper school to its core.

You can purchase the movie here:

Practical Magic

Practical Magic is one of the best witch movies out their, from its star studded cast to its quotes that even to this day have such an impact. The movie starts out with two young girls that make a wish to meet their prince charming, and as they get older one of the sister (played by Sandra Bullock) meets her love and has two daughters with him but when he passes she no longer wants to ever find love, when the other sister (played by Nichole Kidman) comes back into town with a soon-to-be dead boyfriend behind her, Sandra’s character has to jump through hoops to hide the body and not fall for the detective. This is a classic movie all about sister empowerment and finding your strength!

You can purchase the movie here:

Addams Family

Addams Family isn’t technically a Halloween movie but with their morbid view on life and haunted house it's hard not to feel like the family of Gomez, Mortica, Wednesday and Pugsly could be thrown into the Halloween world. They started as a TV show in the 60’s but has since went through different changes and colors they still stay the same. I mean Mortica and Gomez are goals, am i right?

You can purchase the movie here:

Harry Potter

How can you not say Harry Potter when it comes to the best movies to watch during October? With 9 different movies to choose from each one darker than the next you could binge the whole saga in a month! Harry Potter is a movie I think everyone has seen at least once. Whether you loved or hated it, it was a movie that defined a generation and we have been there for every tear, laughter and wonder. I mean the iconic pink cake and friendship between Ron, Herminie, and Harry is truly unbreakable.

You can purchase the first movie here:


Don't say his name to many times of he might… pop! Up! Bettlejuice used to frighten me as a kid, I mean the graphics and clay models alone would give me the hibby-jibbies but now that I am older I love to watch the movie! Especially watching everyone dance around the table! I think one year I even dressed as Lydia in her Red wedding dress for Halloween one year! It's a funny movie with just the right about of creepy!

You can purchase the movie here:

Corpse Bride

As anyone can tell Tim Burton is a chilling and spooky icon when it comes to Halloween and you can pick from the tons of movies he's done to really have a great spooky night. Corpse Bride happens to be one of the best in my humble opinion, well second best, Victor (played by Johnny Depp) and Victoria's (played by Emily Watson) families have arranged their marriage. Being a nervous by nature man, Victor is in the forest practicing his lines for the wedding, when a hand drags him to the land of the dead. Emily, who was murdered after eloping with her love, now wants to marry Victor. But Victor has to get back to the world of the living before it's too late!

You can purchase the movie here:

The Nightmare before Christmas

One of the best Christmas/ Halloween movies out there, and I am not going to lie to you, we watch this all the way up to Christmas eve. The creepiness mixed with the love and wonder in Jack Skellington has tugged on each and everyone differently. When the Pumpkin King, jack Skellington gets bored with the same routine every year he manages to make his way to Christmas, or the North Pole where he sees all the wonder that Christmas has to offer. He then decided to take Christmas as his own and give Santa Clause a nice break for the year. This goes bad immediately when all the kids of the world get creepy and spooky Halloween gifts instead of dolls and race cars.

You can purchase the movie here:


How can you not think of Halloween without thinking of everyone’s favorite friendly Ghost? Casper is a ghost that haunts a mansion in Maine with his 3 uncles. Being the friendly ghost he is he doesn't fit in with his mischievous and wild Uncles but when Kat and her dad move into the mansion he can’t help falling for her. Never-mind that he is transparent, they cook up a magical spell and turn Casper human. This is a great movie for little kids, since Casper is scary but not scary.

You Can Purchase this movie here:

As you can tell I am a huge fan of the classics and older movies. I personally think they are some of the best movies out there. Aria loves all of these movies and we cant wait to start our movie marathon tonight, pull up a bowl of Kettle Corn and Hot Cocoa we can sit and watch movies all night.

What is your favorite Halloween Movie? Comment below!

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