Throwing a Baby Shower in these easy steps!
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Throwing a Baby Shower in these easy steps!

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One of my favorite events to plan is Baby Showers, 1st birthdays and Daddy showers. It may be because I am in a huge baby phase right now but I just love anything baby related! I think this week’s blog post will revolve around babies and different things that have to do with getting ready for babies.

If you are like us and planning a baby shower here is a timeline to planning the perfect shower!

Whether you’re the mom-to-be, sister, mother, best friend or event planner planning a Baby Shower is probably one of the most fun parties to plan. With different themes and different takes on showers there are so many different possibilities.

One of the main questions we get is, “when is the best time to have the baby shower?”

This depends on whether this is the first baby, 3rd baby or even based on how the pregnancy is going. I have seen baby showers planned at 6 months, 8 months, and even when the baby is a month old. It all depends on the parents and how the families want to celebrate.

2 months before.

Once the mom-to-be has decided when in her pregnancy she wants the shower, start planning about 2 months before. This will give you enough time to talk over theme and what the mom to be wants and even get family and friends to help out.

Pick Date and Time

  • The First thing to pick is the Date and Time. This can affect where the shower takes place and who is able to come. Picking a weekend date is usually the best just because most people are off on the weekends and it makes it a lot easier to attend. One thing to also consider is that during the summer parties and birthdays tend to pop up without realizing so letting guests or even any one helping plan know in advance can really help out!

Pick location

  • Location is the next big thing to plan ahead for. If you’re planning for a summer shower try to look at spaces ahead of time. If you are planning on having it at someone’s house this could be really simple! Just make sure they are okay with it and we recommend sending them a thank you note ahead of time can really work wonders! You could also have the shower at a restaurant which may be pricier but less work to do. It all depends on guest count and what the Mom-to-Be prefers.


  • This is one of the most fun parts, picking a theme. There is so many different themes and ways to go about baby showers. From Candy Land parties and Bee parties, we have seen so many different aspects and versions of any theme. Some Mom-to- Be’s already having an idea as to what theme they want while others are pretty open about themes. Usually first time moms are looking for more fun and extra themes. While moms with more than one baby are really looking for more of a sit down lunch or a quiet time with her friends and may learn towards a smaller theme.

Guest List

  • Having the parents to be start a guest list early can really help you decide where the perfect venue is. This also helps decide a lot of the other details. Now-a-days having a coed shower is pretty common so finding out early can be extremely helpful especially when it comes to drinking, games and entertainment. Plus knowing a rough around guest count can help with budget.

Invites and Thank you cards

  • Buying the invites and thank you cards early will help to find the ones that match on theme as much as possible. Plus you will be able to see when they are on sale and we like to say to buy them early as possible.


  • Once you have an estimated guest count start searching for different caterers in the area. If you are planning on cooking most of the food at home plan out what you want to cook, pastas and salads, etc. and write everything down. Print out recipes and if it’s a new dish do a practice run and make it home first to be sure it will turn out well. If your catering use a reputable caterer in the area, ask if they do testing prior to the event and make sure the food meets all dietary requirements. One fun thing we like to do is get the mom to be a separate meal for all of her cravings, I know for me I craved Hot Cheetos with Nacho Cheese so I made sure to have a separate set up just for me.


  • If you have a friend or family member that loves taking photos designate this person a photographer for the day. Make sure they take photos of the party before the mom arrives and take lots of action shots. Some of the best moments will be caught on film and looking back at the craziness and fun having day the mom to be will love each moment.


  • o Pick a budget early that way there is no road bumps or surprises down the road. Making a spreadsheet and planning out how much each thing costs stops over spending and you would even be able to see where to save money and find deals. So tracking spending and budgeting can really effect how stressed you are.


  • If you’re not the mom to be and she hasn’t set up the registry yet, set one up for her. One of the most important things every new mom needs is diapers. When in doubt Diapers. Trust us. Diapers. Every mom needs them and plenty of them, but besides that have the mom to be pick out different things they may want or need for the new baby.

1 Month before


  • Start buying the decorations early especially when buying online that way you’re not worrying about the supplies getting there at the last minute. This also helps plan where you want everything to go and what kind of decorations everyone wants.

Games and Prizes

  • Plan out what Games sound fun for the shower and pick out the prizes early. We have used Starbucks Gift cards and little spa packages for different prizes to go with a whole bunch of different games, like diaper races, taste the baby food, and a few different games.

6 Weeks Before

List everything you will need

  • Make a list of everything you might and make sure to plan out all the little variables. So you’re not surprised by anything on the day of the shower!

Baby Shower Invites

  • Send out the invites at this point and make sure to put an RSVP date that way you have a better headcount as to who is coming and get the appropriate amount of favors and enough food.

Cake & Dessert Table

  • Make sure to order the cake and everything you might need for the dessert table.

2 Weeks Before.

Follow up on Invites.

  • Check on anyone who has not RSVP’d yet and do a final head count

Prepare Baby Shower Favors

  • If you are making the favors make sure to start them or if you bought them set up how you want them to look for everyone.

Decorations (DIY)

  • If your making any decorations at home make to make them at this point to make sure they are done and look correct. Plus doing them now will give you enough time to find alternatives if you get a Pintrest Fail. (been there, done that)

Prep for Games

  • Organize the games and pick which order you want them to go in and make sure all the supplies are together for each game.

Get a gift!

  • Don’t forget to get a gift, our favorite gift to new moms besides diapers is this Baby Breeza for formula feeding moms.


Sketch out the space

  • Start designing how you want the space to look if you’re doing it at a space take a picture of the space that way you can draw out or picture where you want everything to go and look.

1 week before

Check the weather

  • If you’re doing it outside make sure to check the weather and always have a plan b in case it rains or the weather doesn’t corporate.

Buy last minute supplies

  • If you realize that you need spatulas for the bowls use this time to run our and pick up any last minute details you may need.

Check with vendors/ anyone helping

  • If you are having friends and family help out make sure to send out a reminder of everything they are responsible for and what time they need to be at the space

Start cleaning

  • If your doing the shower at home make sure to start cleaning early and tidy up as much as possible. You defiantly do not want a Nene and Porsche fight in the closet.

Check list

  • Make a check list of everything that needs to get done and what has been done. Use this to also see what time everyone is supposed to arrive and what vendors are bringing.

2 days before

Send out another reminder

  • Send out a final reminder to any one helping that way they are accountable for getting to the space on time and who they should contact if they have any issues.

Chill out cold beverages

  • Start loading of the fridges, coolers and ice boxes with all the drinks so they are nice and chilled before the party starts

Make a day of list

Make a timeline for the day of.

  • Basically saying what time you need to start setting up and what time the vendors will get there and when guest will arrive. Scheduling everything will help with allowing the shower to run smoothly and make sure everything is accounted for. This will also help set up the games and make sure to give the mom to be time to relax and just put her feet up!

The Day of

Pick up last minute stuff

  • Anything from extra napkins to balloons or a snack


  • Start the decoration process early and change things if necessary

Prepare and display food

  • One the caterer has dropped the food off set it up the way you want and put out little cards saying what the food is and whether or not they are gluten free or nut free.

Final Touches.

  • Before guests arrive make sure everything looks right and to theme and then sit back sip a mimosa and enjoy that shower!

We absolutely love babies over here and we can’t wait to plan as many showers as possible this season. There are so many different ways to go about with showers and Babies so the next for post will probably lean towards babies and all the fun you can have getting prepared for them!

Has anyone heard of a Daddy- Shower?

A shower meant for the dad to be with all his friends?

Comment Below if you have ever heard of a daddy shower or just love babies like us!


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