Things to do with Kids on a Rainy Day!
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Things to do with Kids on a Rainy Day!

Good Morning all my wonderful people!

Sorry for the lack of posting, Aria actually got the flu this week which means everyone in my house got the flu. So I haven’t been on much social media but finally after feeling like dirt the last few days I am actually starting to feel better. Thank you Herbal Teas for clearing my throat up so I don't sound like a 5 pack a day smoker.

I have a lot to catch up on this week especially being that it’s Thursday and I have only managed to put out one Blog Post. So I will extend some of the posts on Saturday this week to make up for it.

It also didn’t help that the weather wasn’t exactly mold lifting either this week and I managed to be in the house. Aria, unlike me, gets sick and over it so quickly she had the flu Friday and it was gone by Tuesday. Where I am still feeling it, but none the less Moms do not get a sick day. Even though I can call in sick from work and with today just being a gloomy and rainy day I thought what better way to get over the flu than to go out and do something fun with my little rock star.

Here are my 10 things to do on a rainy day!

Discovery Center Museum - Rockford, IL

One of my favorite things to do is actually go to the children's museum! If you are in the NW Suburbs area and want to go to a great children's museum I defiantly recommend the Rockford Discovery Center Museum.

Located in the heart of Rockford, IL the museum is great for all ages to get their imagination going. With over 300 exhibits including a rock park! There is plenty for everyone to enjoy their time.

One of the big perk is becoming a member to the museum. Where you get a long list of perks that include:

  • Free unlimited admission every day for one full year.

  • Subscription to newsletter and e-news updates

  • Invitations to Members-only events

  • Discounts on classes and workshops

  • Discounts on birthday parties

  • Advanced notice and access to classes and special events

  • Early registration for classes and

  • 10% discount on gift shop purchases

There is so much to do and explore if you would like to learn more please check out their site here:

Sky High Sports- Naperville, IL

My other favorite place to take Aria is Sky High Sports in Naperville. Our first time going was actually for a family members birthday party and at first I thought it would be just to big for my small 3 year old, she was up there jumping with all her cousins and their friends. She had a blast plus with it being so early in the morning Aria was able to bounce and jump in the bigger kids area instead of just staying in the small kids area. Aria loved her time jumping and being able to just play with everyone.

I highly recommend Sky High for those days when the kids can not run their energy out at the house and want to jump to let off steam.

You can check out their site here:

Van's Frozen Custard and Burgers

Now hear me out, I know burgers and custard? What is so special about this place?

Let me tell you. Its not just burgers and custard they also are located in the beautiful little town of Dundee, IL and as soon as you walk through the doors you get the warmth and feeling of a small town love.

No matter what day you walk in, you get that small town feel. Kind of like, the local football team wins a big game and everyone heads to Van's to load on carbs and just have a great time. That is the feeling of Van's.

They have little board games and fun things to do for all ages plus the food is amazing and anything on their sweets menu can give you FOMO.

Check out their site here:

At home Movie Theater

If you're looking for some fun stuff to do in the house I am a huge fan of setting up an in-home theater.

I actually found this idea from a friend of mine where she knew her kids wouldn't really sit still for a full movie at a theater so she decided to turn her living room into a theater for her two kids.

Since Aria is still pretty young and she is not a fan of big noises this is a good way to get her ready to watch a movie in the theater. Our plan is to take her to see Frozen 2 in November so any way to prep for her first big movie is always a plus in my book.

What you do is go to your local Dollar Tree and gets tons of sweets and depending on how many kids you have get them their own popcorn bowls. Since we have Amazon Prime I like to order a new movie that Aria hasn't seen so she keeps her attention at the movie for a little longer.

This weeks movie was Toy Story 4: You can purchase the movie here

Then I get Aria's Pillow bed which I got from Amazon and lay on our living room floor

I got Aria's from Amazon here:

Once she is in her PJ's or at least comfortable in her Pillow bed I will make her favorite Kettle corn and open her candy then get her Lemonade set up next to her before playing the movie. This is pretty easy to do and really as long as you have pillows and a movie anything else is just simply nice to have for an in house movie.

Window Shop- Wood field

If you are anything like me and just want to get out of the house to just be out and doing anything is just as fun. I love to go to Wood field Mall and window shop.

I know, it sounds weird but to be honest its not at weird as it sounds. I go with a set budget like 50$ so that way if Aria wants anything I can buy it for her or we can go to lunch or something.

I actually hate spending unnecessary money especially at wood-field since I always feel like everything is over priced. But it is nice to walk around and get ideas since the holiday season is around the corner.

This last time we went Aria wanted new earrings so we made it to Claire's and Aria got to pick out whatever earrings she wanted, then we went to Auntie Ann's and got the cinnamon bites, ( Our Favorites) before heading out of the mall.

On average we will spend 2-3 hours walking around going from shop to shop and just having time to talk and see what we might want.

Do you have any places that your family goes to or does on rainy days?

Comment below!

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