Spending the day at Tom's Farm
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Spending the day at Tom's Farm

Good afternoon all my favorite people!

How was everyone’s weekend? I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed all the family time! I know we did, we were actually able to go to our local Pumpkin Farm, and we invited some of Ariana’s friends which turned into a lovely play date!

Thankfully Sunday turned out to be a really nice day, the weather was really sunny and about high 68 degrees which made it perfect for keeping the little ones going and not being so bundled up.

For those who don’t know Toms is a farmers market and garden center during the year and then during Autumn they have a fall fest. The fest is from October 1st until the 31st. Toms is located in the town of Huntley, IL and has a small town feel which I absolutely love. In fact, Jay and I were looking into buying a house in Huntley for a while. The patch has everything from hayrides, jumping gyms, petting zoos and tons of mazes for the kids to do. They also have a great little market for food and treats for the kids. All at a pretty good price.

We actually got there about 11:00 am, which on Sundays is when it opens, everyone was super friendly and even when the line was long the woman at the counter was sweet and considerate of everyone. When we first got there we just had us three and our friend Alyssa and her son Wesley. The kids already were excited when they got there to just see all the pumpkins and jumping gyms. Including a giant Pumpkin bounce house that they both ran to and started to jump on. They also had an inflatable train that the kids could bounce through, at first both of the kids were a little timid of doing it but after a minute they were going through the train easily.

After we managed to get the kids away from the bounce houses we were able to get some adorable photos near the pumpkins of Jay and I with Aria. Tom's also has a huge variety of pumpkins, for all the kids and they even supply wagons to lug those huge pumpkins to the check out. We actually decided not to get any pumpkins at Tom's just because with the kids playing and having a good time at the Fall Fest it would have been to much work to also lug the Wagon and pumpkins around with us. So we are going to get different pumpkins sometime next week.

Once you get away from the entrance and the jump houses, you get to a clearing that has tons of stuff for the kids, which included a school bus that the kids could drive, a spiderweb jungle gym and tons of photo props for parents to get all their photos out. I defiantly took advantage of the fact Aria wanted to take pictures and snapped a ton before my phone died. Luckily Jay had his and we were able to get a bunch more. Even our friends got in a ton of pictures.

I will say this, the next little area be prepared to spend at least an hour over on this side. The petting zoo was tons of fun. As soon as you walk into the area there is a big prop to take a picture as one of the animals which of course Aria was the horse, her favorite animal, but right next the photo prop are these cute little baby goats. I was absolutely in love they were so cute and tiny.

Aria on the other hand was more interested in the bunnies that were behind the goats, so she skidded over to them and while most of the bunnies were asleep there was one with red eyes that Aria wanted to pet.

Once we finished looking at the bunnies we made our way to the little silo, and let me tell you. Plan to spend 20+ minutes on this one. They have a little Silo filled with corn. Yes, corn. The kids get in and take off their shoes to step through and play with a ton of corn. Kind of like a sandpit but with corn. It sounds gross but they had a ton of fun just making Corn Angles and little mountains. We just couldn't help but take a ton of pictures of the kids playing and living their little popcorn dream.

Though because of the rain everyone took of their socks too so it ended up becoming toe corn the kids had tons of fun just playing in it. While we were in the Corn Pit our other friends got to the fest and we were able to meet up with them to go look at more animals.

After we managed to pull the kids from the Corn Pit we made our way to the animals. Which was even cuter to see when they came up the fence and let the kids pet them. The first few animals the kids saw were the ducks. They ended up coming to the gate and quacking at the kids. Wesley and Aria loved it and couldn't stop laughing when the animals came up to them.

Once we made it past the ducks we moved on to the bigger farm animals, like the Donkey, the Goats, Pigs, Horses, etc. Aria loved getting up close and personal with all of the animals but by far the miniature horse was her favorite. Then Aria's best friend Eva got to the fest and the two of them were attached at the hip. Since the girls both loved all the animals we managed to get tons of pictures with them!

After we walked away from the animals they have this bigger aria for the kids to ride little tractors, take a small corn maze and they even have a jumping pillow. Thankfully Eva's mom, Mari, took some great pictures of the kids playing, they even walked down this story book path where the characters were scarecrows.

One of the fun things that I liked was the corn maze. They had a larger corn maze that parents got to do with the kids and at first we gave the kids a map and told them to lead. The only problem with that was that the maze was muddy. And not just mud here and there but actually muddy like, we were getting stuck in it and pulling each other out of the sinking mud. The kids didn't mind and just kept running around and getting us lost, but we had to have Jay take lead and get the kids going to get to the exit since it was just to muddy for the maze. If it wasn't for the mud we probably would have continued letting the kids lead the way and we follow close behind.

Once we finished the maze we made our way to the barrel ride. We had saw this when we first got to the farm but since the line was pretty long we decided to wait until the end to go on a ride. Aria and Eva sat together, while Mari and her son Gianni sat in the barrel in front of the girls and Alyssa and Wesley sat a few barrels behind them. Mari ended up taking adorable action shots of the everyone and seeing how much fun Aria had definitely made me so happy.

Once we finished our barrel ride it was time for lunch. The kids were getting hungry and since Tom's is a farmers market and has a ton of fresh fruit we decided to get lunch at their little shop. I don't think anyone took pictures of the kids eating but the kids had their little table and we sat at the table next to them. Everyone got either a hot-dog or Mac n' Cheese. Even Jay and I split a loaded Mac and Cheese with pork and it was amazingly delicious. In all for Aria's and our food we spent about 13$ which wasn't bad at all for the food portions. They also had different sweets like kettle corn, doughnuts, apple cider and tons of fruit. The kids and everyone ate lunch and we attempted to keep walking around and doing a little more but the kids were ready for a long nap. So we ended up going back the school bud and taking a few more pictures before saying bye to all of our friends.

This is actually the first year Jay and I had ever been to Tom's but after spending most of the day there it became a fast favorite for us and we can not wait to continue the tradition and invite all of our friends again next year! We loved everything from the atmosphere and activities for the kids. Plus, if your from the area there is another Autumn fest a few minutes from Tom's at nearly double the price and half of the things we did wouldn't have been included. So this was a great alternative at a way better price point that made us fall in love with Tom's.

The only thing that I really regret is that Jay and I didn't get a family photo of the three of us but we will always have a chance to next time!

Have you guys ever been to Tom's Farmers Market and Garden Center? If not where do you and your family go for Autumn Fest? Comment below!

P.S. if you want to check out Toms' here is there site!

Toms Farm Market | Huntley, IL 60142


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