Picking Pumpkins at Dave's Pumpkin Farm!
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Picking Pumpkins at Dave's Pumpkin Farm!

Good Morning!

I hope everyone weekend was warm and filled with great memories. I know this weekend happened to be a warm weekend and I don't know about you guys but I really enjoyed spending every moment with my little family.

This weekend we actually were able to go and pick up pumpkins for us to carve for the season. Our favorite place to actually go and get pumpkins is a place in Huntley, IL called Dave's Pumpkins. This is the 2nd year that we have gone and it has been a bast every time.

On this trip it was actually a little more special, this weekend was the first time Aria was meeting her family from her Bio-Dads side. I will not lie, I was stressed and worried and defiantly into Mama- Bear mode but in all everyone had a great time and got along great which was a huge stress relief.

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We actually had a jam packed weekend, there is this huge Festival that is in Elgin, IL which is a few towns over but almost everyone from everywhere comes to the fest its called Nightmare on Chicago Street. It is defiantly more of an adults part since it take place from 6pm-11pm and there is tons of bands, costumes, drinks, and this year there was even a drag show!

Since Aria couldn't actually go with at night we made sure to spend the whole day/morning with our little pumpkin.

If you would like to visit Dave's Pumpkin Farm check them out here:

9112 W Algonquin Rd,

Huntley, IL 60142

There website is here: https://davespumpkins.com/

Dave's Pumpkin farm is a small little pumpkin farm that is perfect for younger kids there is plenty to do that will keep little ones entertained for a least a few hours. I personally love it because of the price point. Especially because a girl loves to save money.

As soon as you get to Dave's you walk up to this cute little tractor and a full area to grab your wagons for the Pumpkin picking.

We got our wagon thanks to Aria making sure she picked the right one and started on our way to picking the perfect pumpkins.

One of the best things about Dave's is that no matter how big the pumpkin is, the price stays the same. 8$ for all pumpkins, ( The smaller ones are even cheaper) Which we love because Jay loves to get the biggest pumpkin on the lot so with them being only 8$ it doesn't break the bank.

Not only do they have Pumpkins but for all the kids to have fun, there is a small corn maze that is perfect for little ones to lead, (and get lost in) which Ariana did a handful of times.

We both took turns going into the maze with her before she asked us to stay back and she could do it herself, she was so excited to be independent.

Aria loves to go to Dave's Pumpkin Farm especially because everything is perfectly her size from the props to take pictures to the smokey bubbles.

There is plenty of options around the area for pumpkins and yes, if you're looking for a festival with more actives I would suggest checking out my other post:

Spending the Day at Tom's Farm

But if you are just looking for pumpkins and to spend a little time with younger kids that wouldn't really get your money's worth from a bigger farm. I think Dave's is the best option.

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