Our Nighttime Routine
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Our Nighttime Routine

Happy Tuesday ya'll!

Today has been a long day and I am pretty sure this weekend is caching up with me. I think I nearly fell asleep at my desk a few times today. Luckily I managed to grab a coffee and kick out the last few hours before heading home.

For those of you who follow me a little more, I actually work a normal 8-5 job during the week, and Blogging is more of a side hustle that I love to do. So usually I manage to get my posts out during my lunch and breaks. Which gives me something to do instead of running to a fast food restaurant.

If your a working mom like myself, you understand the struggle of going to work and then coming home and really starting your second job of being a parent. Especially when you have to do it alone it makes things a lot more difficult. I always seem to look at these videos of nighttime/ bedtime routines and I don't know if it's just me but they just look so unrealistic. I just watched one the other day where the kids actually listened? and ate their whole dinner without fighting? Like what? I am calling bluff.

I can barley get Aria to take her shoes off when she comes to school let alone clean up after dinner. So I finally said that I will make my own Nighttime Routine, a realistic routine filled with messy hair, tantrums and a messy house.

So please enjoy our wonderful nighttime routine.

Usually, I don't get off work until about 5 o'clock and since I work about 15 minutes from Aria's school I will get to her about 5:30 pm, (After Traffic) She has amazing teachers that I absolutely love. She is moving up to preschool in the next few weeks so they have been getting her ready to be a big girl in the big girl room. Aria loves to grab her book bag and water bottle from her special cubicle and say good bye to all her friends at school.

We will get home sometime between 5:45- 6:00 pm depending on how long it takes her to get in the car and if I have to get gas or run a quick errand after work. Aria is in the Independent Toddler phase so she loves to do things herself, everything from opening the car and buckling herself in the car to opening the doors to the house with the keys. I worked really hard at making sure she is independent and learns how to do tasks herself so it became really easy to let her do her own thing.

Once we get home Aria will use the bathroom and I attempt to get her to take her shoes off but for some reason she doesn't like walking around the house with out shoes. She is kinda silly that way but for the most part she will wear her shoes all day until its nearly bedtime. While she is going to the potty I will turn the TV onto her show and I have to take Jordan's dog, Snowflake, out for the most part the dog just goes potty right outside and then I head back in side. By the time I finish with the dog Aria will be about done going potty or she will be done and playing with her toys. I try really hard to make sure I spend as much bonding time with Aria as I can so I will usually change out of my clothes and throw on something more comfy and start playing what ever game she comes up with.

For her birthday we got her this huge toy kitchen so now Aria will make dinner for me and milkshakes and she lets her Barbie Dolls eat with us. We manage to play for a little bit before I start making dinner. As far as dinners go I try to make simple meals that aren't to difficult or fancy just because Aria is a picky eater and if you give her to many different things on one plate she will get distracted and not eat at all.

For tonight's dinner, Aria actually helped me make her favorite, Pizza. She loves to pour the sauce on the crust and over do the cheese and add all her favorite toppings. This is usually a really good bonding moment for us and I am able to teach her to cook which always makes me happy.

While Dinner is cooking I will try to clean up and Aria will either be playing with her toys or following me around cleaning up as well. Most of the time Aria is attached to my hip and wants to be next to me at all moments of the day. So I make the most of what I can and make each activity a game, we will race down the hallway to each room or we see who's the strongest and can carry the most laundry but she loves to be helpful and just be next to me so I try to take advantage of my assistant as much as I can.

Once dinner is done Aria goes to use the potty again and washes her hands before coming to sit at the bar. We have a kitchen table but since its a little older and I have been looking to get a new table we actually don't sit on it unless we have family over or a formal dinner. So Aria and I just sit at our bar and she helps get the plates out and forks to the both of us. She also makes sure I have a drink and she has a drink while I make the plates and make sure everything is Aria sized.

I will also feed Snowflake while we eat since Aria takes a little longer to eat I manage to finish and I am able to take the dog out while she is finishing eating. While we eat I take the time to really talk to Aria about her day and just see how she is and making sure that she is talking and learning at every second. Plus if she helped me cook I always make sure to say how proud I am that she helped and that she made a wonderful dinner. This results in the biggest smile Aria can form and she will usually eat all of her dinner. (yes mom-psychology)

Once she is done and the dog is back inside Aria will help me clean up before running and playing with her toys. During this time I manage to change the channel on the TV to something that doesn't involve Vampires or Puppy Pals.

One of the more dominant games Aria loves to play is Teacher, where she stands in front of her chalk board and she talks to me about the ABC's or she draws a circle and wants me to copy her. Which I love to do and it makes her feel so special, she also loves to be student where I teach her things. Right now I am teaching her, her full name and how to count to 20 since she has counting to 10 in English and Spanish memorized. I am trying to teach her to be bilingual so we say a lot of things twice: once in Spanish then once in English. She is also trying to learn her whole name and spell it out. Which as it turns out is a little harder than planned but she still tries and we will get better as time goes on.

Once 8 o'clock hits we actually start getting ready for bed, I will start running Aria's bath and she will throw one of her Bath Fizzes that we get from Five Below into her bath and she will sit in the tub for a little bit just washing off the day and making sure she doesn't have food or paint in her hair or markers on her body. She loves to just hang out in the tub and play with her rubber ducky then she will clean her body herself but I will usually do her hair then let her just relax in the tub, while I get her pajamas ready.

Now once she is done with bath time, and is all dried off we get her changed into PJ's, but since she is still learning to use the toilet herself she actually sleeps with Nighttime Pull ups that way if she needs to go potty at night she can easily pull them down but if she doesn't wake up her bed wont be soaked. I will then brush her hair with her detangler that we got from amazon and just make sure that her hair has no tangles before we brush her teeth and get her into bed. I will let her pick out one or two books that I will read to her before shutting off the light and turning her night light on.

Trust me I would love to say she falls deeply asleep but that is just not real. She will usually get out of bed and run back into the living room to watch TV with me or she will ask for her TV to go on in her room. Depending on what time it is I will let her watch a movie before bed then she falls into a deep sleep but on this night she actually wanted a cup of water before returning to her bed and passing out. (thank goodness school tired her out)

After she fell asleep I was able to finish doing laundry and then take out the pup again before cleaning off the make up on my face. Then I will just watch videos on my phone, check my emails, and do some meditation before actually getting into bed.

Aria will usually not wake up during the night but if there is something going on or she is not feeling well she does come into my bed and just wants tons of cuddles. Other than that we are really just a relaxing chill night during the week.

I hope everyone enjoyed our realistic nighttime routine. What is your nighttime routine? Comment Below!


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