My Tips on creating a Vision Board!
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My Tips on creating a Vision Board!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Hello again!

Over this past week I have been doing a ton of soul searching and trying to figure out my right path when it comes to the future. I have always had a lot of goals for my life, wither that be financially, spiritual or just relationship goals I have always been the type of person to plan how I wanted me life to be. Well Life has a funny way of looking at our plans and throwing curve balls at it. I mean if I really think back to when I was sixteen I think most of my goals would have revolved around me being a famous celebrity and never seeing my small town again. So goals my change and we adjust with every curve ball but at the end of the day I definitely still have goals that I want to achieve.

Once I got pregnant with Aria my goals became, being a good mom and being able to support her on one income. Then as she got older and I became financially stable my goals changed to making her a college fund and making sure she was always happy. My goals have always revolved around Aria and making sure she was healthy and happy.

Now that she got a little older I created a vision board. For those of you who don’t know what a vision board is, it’s a collage of images and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires to serve a source of inspiration and motivation to attract and attain goals. I am a big believer in the energy you put out is the energy you receive, I keep my vision board with me at all times. At work I have it pined on my wall, I have a picture of my vision board on my phone and I also have another vision board at my house that way I can see it just about everywhere.

So let’s take a look at my vision board and I can explain and go into a little more detail of what each picture/ item means and what makes it significant to me. Now remember, each persons’ vision board is different and has a different meaning so while these may help you and give you an idea of what you may want on your Vision board.

1. Modern Farmhouse

So the biggest and probably one of my main items on my vision board is the Modern Farmhouse. My dream has always been to build my own dream house on a plot of land that me and Aria can grow in and live our life, happily. I have always wanted a modern farmhouse style house with a huge fireplace and floor to ceiling windows. I wanted a 3 bedroom house with an office and master bedroom, perfect for me and aria and any animals we may get. I also loved the idea of getting a garage since living in an apartment I really haven’t had one before. The other big thing I want in our dream house is a full kitchen with an industrial sized refrigerator since I love to cook and I always want to have enough food in the house.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee

One of the next big purchases I am planning on making in the next year or so is buying myself a new car. I am trying to buy a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, because I defiantly need a mom-mobile. Right now I have this cute little Chevy Cruze but I seem to be spending more money on repairs than on payments lately and its got a lot of issues. I mean I loved having the little Sedan that was perfect for me and bubba, getting from point A to point B safely plus I was upgrading from a 96 Nissan Maximum so I was happy with any car I could get at the time. The Jeep is my goal because I have always been a fan of Jeeps plus they aren’t to expensive and they run good on gas which has always been something important for me while on a budget. I am hopefully going to find A white Jeep with either Black or Burgundy interior I also am dying to find one with a moon roof.

3. Simply Amari Fashion

Okay so this one is more of a business venture. On goal I want to have with my blog/ website is to start an online Fashion Boutique for moms, young women, and also have a Mommy and I line. I know that seems kind of crazy and Weird but I just always had a thing for fashion and I have always wanted to open my own business and be a savvy business woman. Even today I am working on finding businesses to callable with and hopefully open within the next year or so.

4. Simply Amari Vlog

Now this one is already coming true but I still keep it on my vision board so never forget to push and drive for my Vlog to stay relevant as well as making sure they are consistent. I started my vlog channel about the same time as my website blog, since most of the time they go hand-in- hand and I have a tendency to reference back and forth between the two. My long term goal with my vlog is to pretty much be like home videos for when Aria gets older and we can look back and see all the fun we have had while she was a kid. I also want to grow my vlog and create an outlet for other moms and parents so just voice their frustrations and have an outlet.

5. College Fund

This is another one of my goals that I am in the process of completing. I want to start and maintain a college fund for aria. My personal goal is to save at least 30,000$ by the time she is 18, which may seem like a lot in but in reality it’s only, 170$ a month, which is less than my car payment now. I have been saving money for a little over a year for her college fund so that way when she graduates high school she can go to whatever school she wants and not be limited to the amount. Even if she decides a four year school isn’t for her the money can go to anything she needs once she turns 18. Out of all my goals for the future this is the most important, it doesn’t matter if we live in a big house or drive the nicest car as long as she has a good childhood and is able to go to school as she gets older I am happy.

6. Camas, WA

So this one is actually a stretch for me, like more of an if only goal. I Lived in Washington State for a little under a year before I got pregnant with Aria and while I was there I was actually so happy and living my best life. So one thing I would love to do if I got a really good job offer or even if I had the money to just pick up and move across the country I would. I would love to just take Aria and move to a different state and just start our lives over. Don’t get me wrong we are happy and content in our lives in IL I just feel if we moved away we would be happier. I personally love Camas, because of its rich history and beautiful views. Plus Camas is a small town and has a lot of mom and pop restaurants and stores which I absolutely love.

7. Motivations

As fillers for my board I have multiple little quotes and stickers that just help me to motivate myself to really push for my goals. I just add certain quotes that range from single mom quotes to business quotes and everything in the middle. I usually can look at these quotes to motivate myself to go further or when I'm having an off day they pic me up and make me smile.

My vision board has other small things that make me happy on it, pictures of me and aria, my first GoogleAd Check and other small things that help motivate me to go further and keep pushing. Out of everything my main goal is to be a good role model and a woman to look up to for Aria. I am a feminist and I want Aria to have everything she can dream of and to reach for the stars.

I have been discouraged and beat down and life has handed me my lemons but I have always tried to get back up and to push through making each and every moment worth it. So all of my goals represent a part of me, I mean there has been times I worried about putting food on the table or making sure I could afford daycare that week. So having my goals of being financially stable and have a stable home life mean so much more to me. It’s also why I push to make sure Aria will be able to go to college and never feels held back from what she loves.

I hope my vision board has inspired you to make your own or to even give you more ideas to help with yours. There is so many ways to express ourselves and so many goals to have in this world tat putting that energy out there and work your hardest to complete each and every one of them can be so instrumental to living your best life.

If you have any questions, comments or just need to vent about anymore feel free to message me at:

Live your Truth,

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