How to have an ultimate cozy night in
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How to have an ultimate cozy night in

Good Morning Dears!

The air is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to change. What a wonder time of year this is. Personally, Autumn is my favorite time of the year something about the chilly days and being able to cuddle in cozy blankets, it always brings me happiness.

In Chicago you get probably get about 2-3 weeks of a good Autumn before it turns into Bitter Winter, so I definitely try to make the most out of all the Autumn weather I can. I was defiantly spoiled living in Washington since its pretty much Autumn all year round in the Pacific Northwest, there was never a day when the weather wasn't gloomy and the leafs weren't crunchy. Now that I am back in Chicago and the weather is starting to get gloomy I thought it was time to make a list of how to have the ultimate cozy night in.

Usually after getting off of work one of the first things I love to do is change into my comfy pajamas. I mean whats better then after a long, stressful, day at work to come home take off that uncomfortable bra and take your hair down to throw on some comfortable pajamas.

Personally one of my favorite pairs of comfy pajamas are these from Amazon:

The best start to comfy night in is just getting comfortable in Pajamas, there is something about just relaxing and the feeling that comes over you when you can take off the jeans and heals and put some flannel or grey sweatpants on and a comfy top then throwing you hair up in a messy been wiping off all that makeup. To me its personally so peaceful, like being able to sit down and wrap yourself in a warm blanket it feels like a just... "ahhh..." feeling.

Aria loves to come home and put on one of her Unicorn Pajama set with matching Slippers just to look like mommy and cuddle with her stuffed animals. I actually bought her this set on Amazon with matching Slippers.



I mean you cant have a comfy night with out food, but usually I am way to lazy to cook anything on those comfy nights in. So I one of my go-to meals is actually is Sweet Potato Chili, I start it in the morning and throw it in the crock pot. That way by the time I get home from work I can throw it into a couple bowls and a few crackers and we have a simple meal to eat. I will at some point make a full recipe of my Sweet Potato Chili and will link it below.

I'm also not perfect and sometimes I get lazy and just don't feel like cooking on those days I love to order from Noodles and Company. Usually Aria will get the Mac n' Cheese and I love to order the Pad Thai, trust me if I could get a sponsorship from Noodles and Co., I would. I think I order from then 3-4 times a month.

But usually after we eat Aria and I love to turn on some of our Autumn smelling candles that we usually will get from either Home Goods or Bed, Bath and Beyond. They can make our apartment smell perfect for the Autumn nights and get us right into the feeling of cuddling.

You cant have an ultimate night in with out the right movies either. This varies from night to night since Aria is still pretty young and really looses her attention if the movie isn't a cartoon. We usually watch something Scooby-Doo since right now Aria is obsessed with the Mystery Gang, or we watch any thing from Nightmare before Christmas to Secret Life of Pets. Once Aria goes to sleep or if she gets distracted and wants to do something else I will either turn on one of my guilty pleasure TV Shows or throw on a Harry Potter marathon.

And if your having the Right kinda movie night I will throw on a bag of Kettle Corn and make Aria a glass of Chocolate Milk and for me a Warm Mug of Hot Chocolate, its the best go-to for a movie night snack that fills you up with warmth to counter any chilly night.

The last thing you need for a cozy night in happens to be someone special.

No cozy night in is complete with out someone there to cuddle next to you and just feel warmth together. For me, its always Aria she loves to bring all her stuffed toys and just lay next to me and watch whatever movie we have on, but its even better when Jay, my fiance, is home and he gets to just lay on the couch and we get to cozy up next to him.

I mean you defiantly don't need an actual person either, I mean if its more your speed to hang on the couch and read a nice book alone then live your best life, or if you rather have your pups up next to you then there is no one to judge.

The point is to just have some peace and just feel comfortable and let the world fade away for the night. Let all your stress disappear and engulf yourself into serenity.

That is probably one of the things I love the most about Autumn, its a time of peace and change. As leafs change colors and fall to the earth its a time to really put things into perspective and bring close what is important to yourself and your health.

What is your Favorite part about Autumn?

Comment Below your favorite activates to get into the Cuddle mode!



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