Best Places to Visit in 2020
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Best Places to Visit in 2020

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In the age of social media we always see different places we want to go and travel to. With all different social media outlets to choose from like, Pintrest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. you never have to go too far to find an influences or celebrity giving you FOMO. Personally I love to travel and meet new people; there is something about being in a new place that makes me feel at peace.

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I personally love this bag since I am usually traveling with a toddler at my side and this is perfect to hold both her and my clothes and toiletries. I almost always check my bags because usually getting through security and running to our flight with a toddler who demands doing everything herself can only be so fun.

While 2019 is almost over, (5 months left I know), we are planning one more trip this year. It’s going to be more of a family trip and head out to Northern Cali to visit my fiancé’s family and spend a little quality time before the holiday season. With that being said I am already looking forward to 2020 and all of the trips we will take!

Here are 20 places to visit in 2020!

French Polynesia.

If you are on any type of social media you probably have seen pictures, videos, snaps and everything else of this one! This is the island paradise of your dreams, from the crystal clear islands that surround the volcanic islands to swimming with manta rays there is something for everyone. You can do just about anything here from snorkeling through colorful coral reefs and exploring hidden waterfalls. If your more adventurous try hiking through the gorgeous rugged back counter or if you rather lounge out the black sand beaches will leave you breathless.

Menton, France.

While Paris, France is dubbed one of the most romantic places to visit in the world, head on over to the South Coast of France to a town called Menton, France to have a getaway like a royal. It was said that Author Ernest Hemingway and Queen Victoria have vacationed in Menton and even modern day royals like the Beckham’s and the Kardashian’s have even stayed. With a Phenomenal beach lining the coast surrounded by rows of colorful houses there is picture perfect moments at every turn.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

This one is pretty much a given, as a Puerto Rican the one place I would love to visit and just be around is San Juan, PR. As a territory of the US there is a beautiful culture and dynamic of both American and Spanish traditions. My sister and brothers actually went this year so my goal is to go next year with my daughter. There is something to do for everyone including the El Charco Azul Swimming Hole and the Rio Piedras Botanical Garden. You don’t want to miss a moment.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is nearly 16 hours away in flight but there is so much to do that you can’t really do anywhere else. I love animals and if you’re looking for a country where there is every exotic animal you can think of, Australia needs to be the next place to visit. There is so much to draw you in from coastal views, to the beach and surf culture and art that leaves you speechless you may never way to leave.

Gili Islands, Indonesia

We were going to say just Indonesia but Gili Islands deserved its own spot on our list. Gili Islands are composed of three islands and is a short boat ride away from Bali, despite this the two places couldn’t be more different. In Gili there are no cars, so be prepared for walks and bike riding! There is so much tranquility in walking around and just taking in all the scenery and being in the moment.Between the Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air there is a spot for adventures, honeymooners and beach getaways!


I defiantly believe in the supernatural so visiting Bermuda has always been a goal. Did you know that Bermuda is actually closer to North Carolina rather than Florida? That would mean that is much cooler then you’d expect for an island. That doesn’t take away from the beautiful beaches and crystal clean waters. One thing they have that to me is absolutely gorgeous is the pink sand beaches. There is a mix of British and American cultures so there Is definitely something for everyone!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You may not have heard of this modern city outside of South East Asia but trust us when we say it’s full of surprises! Kuala Lumpur is a huge modern city filled with traditional temples and Asian culture you will have a picture perfect moment at every stop. From phenomenal food to a bustling night light there is an adventure for everyone.

Buenos Aires

You have probably heard of this city from multiple different influences as in recent years it has become the perfect city getaway. Buenos Aires is not so much as a tourist attraction, but is a great place to wonder through the city and take in all of the beauty and wonder that there is. They say the night life is where the city comes alive but if you’re looking for a relaxing city trip to get coffee or even people watch, as my daughter does, Buenos Aires is perfect to check off your bucket list.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is actually my fiance's top place to visit. To me when I see pictures or videos it always looks so beautiful. Kind of like a quaint small town vibe, if your headed there, Make sure to check out the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum!

St. Peters burg, Russia

I have always wanted to visit Russia just because of the movie Anastasia. Yes, the kid’s movie. I absolutely loved that movie and I have actually tried to learn Russian in the past. One place that I can’t wait to check out is the Hermitage Museum and the Palace Square. Russia has a deep history while Czar’s and such a deeper understanding with the arts. If you’re looking for more of a historic vacation and enjoying the history Russia is the place to head to

Lisbon, Portugal

When you think Portugal what is the first thing that comes to mind? Personally the food for me. Something about Portuguese food has always been so good for me. While the Southern coast may be the most popular try checking out the capital. While it is a major European City it is also very cozy and workable.


Famous for its scenery , glaciers and forests it is also home to the highest mountain in North America. From watching the northern lights and driving along the 1,500 mile highway, Alaska is also home to some of the most charming towns and citing including Skagway, Sitka, and Homer. Alaska is perfect for a road trip or even just to have a romantic week getaway since they have some of the best romantic lodges in the US.


Is your speed more of a Lux Getaway? Monaco is perfect for you. This city state borders the Mediterranean and is filled with everything to give you that super star feeling. From Yachts, casinos and luxury hotels you can vaca in style. Plus, if you are looking to budget on style, (which is more my speed) the beaches are jaw-dropping with picture perfect moments at every stop.

South Island, New Zealand

If you’re like me and just want to be out in nature and be one with the earth, then South Island, new Zealand is perfect for you. With stunning landscapes you will want to take a road trip and hits iconic spots to just be one with the world.


With a history in the Viking era there is so much beauty to be found. Iceland is filled with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and more! One place I want to check out is the Blue Lagoon which is powered by geothermal and is one of the sought after hot springs in Iceland. If you are looking for great hiking spots and relaxing spa getaways the place to go is Iceland.


Ireland is home to some of the most amazing and largest castles. With its strong history and beautiful landmarks you really can’t go wrong when it comes to visiting Ireland. Between the Festivals that include an over the top St. Patrick's’ day fest to touring the Guinness Brewery you have to find something to do. One influence even said that asking local where the best place to visit will take you off the beaten path and into another world, (so to speak)


While this island is off the coast of China, it could not be more different. While there is no censorship on social media sites you will also have to get your money changed to New Taiwan Dollar compared to the Chinese Yuan that the main land has. There is also many similarities like the historical temples, street food and architect. While Taiwan is a busy and bustling island it is off the tourist path so there may not be very many tourist to spot.

Hopefully you found one or two places to check off your bucket list, just like we will be! One of the best parts about traveling is being able to meet new people and just go around the world and experience things so different from your own life. Whenever I am feeling like I'm in a rut I try to plan a trip whether that be a different town, a different state or a different country, it will usually help me get out of a funk and just allow me to unwind.

Anyone else feel that way?

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