Aria turns 3!
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Aria turns 3!

Hello all my wonderful people!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone's weekend was tons of fun! If you are like myself and live in IL it was probably raining which put a damper on Ariana's Birthday Bash but in all honesty everything else was pretty awesome!

I know I said I was going to Vlog most of the day but it turned out to be such a crazy and wild day that we weren't able to really vlog, but don't worry I will manage to make the first Vlog over at Simply Amari as soon as I can.

Aria's Birthday was obviously this past weekend and we had way to much fun getting ready and planning her party. I mean with the rain and thunderstorms going on it made things a little harder but in all we had a great time!

We actually through the party at my mothers house due to some family issues it was just a little easier to have the party there and set up. Leading up to the party I actually sent out these lovely invites to all of our Friends and family members, which I was able to make myself and since everything is via text or social media it was easier to just send the invite as a picture to make sure everyone was invited.

After I sent the invites out I started planning how I wanted the space to look which like I said at the last minute we ended up changing the venue so the plan changed. There was some back and forth but I ultimately decided on doing two large balloon towers with the number 3 on top then 5 smaller Balloon Towers with no topper around the house. These took me about a week to make, but that was mostly because a dog and toddler trying to help did not make it easy.

These are how the Balloons looked from start to finish.

These actually turned out really well and if you guys are interested in seeing how to make these start to fish please let me know in the comment section and I would love to make a separate post about the balloons and even a video DIY for them!

I also bought this huge Blow up Unicorn from Amazon that made a great backdrop for all the pictures.

This is where you can purchase it:

Since I love to save money and purpose things, this giant unicorn is actually a sprinkler so during the summer we can hook up the hose and she will have this giant Unicorn Sprinkler to play with.

Okay since you seen the picture of her you may me asking where on earth did you get that dress?!

I actually bought this dress off of one of my favorite shops on Etsy! The shop is called Lover Dovers Clothing and I will put a link below but this is probably my favorite shop on Etsy, I get tons of dresses for Aria on her site and they are great quality and size perfectly. Plus they are Washer Machine safe and they defiantly don't ruin when you have to throw them in after a night of playing. Aria has a few dresses from the lady and she loves each and everyone of them. So it was only natural to buy Aria's Birthday dress from the same lady!

This is her site and honestly if you buy anything from her you wont regret it!

Lover Dover Clothing:

So onto the Games.

For the games we got Pin the Horn on the Unicorn from this site on Amazon which came with the stickers and blindfold. Aria had a blast playing and enjoyed everyone playing with her even though she didn't win.

Pin the Horn:

The other game we played was Unicorn toss. where each kid would throw rings at the colored cones and who ever made it the furthest would win. Luckily Aria won this game, (though I am sure they let her win) She had a ton of fun playing. Jay and I made this game ourselves by buying cones from the Dollar tree and spray painting them pretty color, then getting glow necklaces and using them as the rings. It was a cheap and easy gift for under 10$

We didn't have that many games just because the kids were in and out of the house and playing like cray so there was not a need for many games but the kids had tons of fun playing and Aria had a blast being a helper and making sure everyone got a turn at each game.

Food was all easy we just ordered pizza and got some sodas and called it a day, that't probably the best part about a kids party there is no need for elaborate party food, then for the cake we actually got this cute Unicorn cake from our local Walmart that fed everyone comfortably.

In all everyone had a wonderful time and Aria was so excited to open all of her gifts which made me so happy to see a smile on her face.

I just cant believe Aria is now a 3 year old and starting preschool soon!

Sorry this post is so short but I will be uploading a Part 2 of the Birthday party soon so keep an eye out for Aria's Birthday Post!

Thank you all!



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