A Chilling Story #1
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A Chilling Story #1

Happy Hump day!

I am just feeling very spooky today, it may have something to do with the cloud, gloomy weather on this October day. I mean the weather is perfect for those spooky stories to tell in the dark. I mean you remember that book we all seemed to read at one point or another.

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I have always been a big reader and writer, during High School I was always creating different short stories about everything, super heroes’, witches, afterlife, Fallen Angels. Which now that I think about it, was the start of my future blogger status! I always loved writing and in College I was always taking classes in literature, creative writing and just different types of English classes. I am trying to write my first book that is to be named at a later date. So I have always been interested in writing and creating a world beyond our own.

So in honor of Halloween Season and Blogtober I decided to write a short story that is filled with all of Halloween wonder and Spine chilling Questions.

So please enjoy….



I could hear the rain pattering on the windows, the tree branch brushing against the sides of the apartment. I could hear the people below me arguing yet again. It wasn't much more of a muffled yell but none the less I could hear them. It was the same routine every Thursday, much like clockwork. The husband who I will call James comes in and slams the door shut I can only imagine that the long day of work has filled him to his boil, when the wife, Sally welcomes him. It’s quiet for a bit or so, where I assume they finished their dinner in silence. I wasn't much of a noisy body and in honesty it wasn't until I moved here did I really care for any one else, at most they were entertainment to hide my despair for the days ahead. None the less I was entertained by this young couples quarrel and constant need to argue. Even when I saw them in passing on the way to the lot or to the mail-room, I would simply smile and act as though I have heard nothing of their nightly routine.

I glanced at the red numbers on my alarm, 9:49 pm they had been arguing for over 2 hours now, strange as no one has ever complained about the pair even though they could be heard from down the hall. Although no one in this building seems to talk to one another, aside from passing hellos and goodbyes, and even the children would not run and speak to one another when at the playground. I had found this strange when I first moved here, I mean the small town of Hemp-shire, was just that, small. there was one local grocery store and a small school of about 100 children even the high school was small and barley filled the 200 lockers that were placed inside. It was the thing that drew me to moving to the country, the small town feel, especially from a big overcrowded city I was expecting warmth and that southern charm people always speak of, which I found strange that this small town had neither warmth or charm. Even in the middle of summer it was never above the crisp mid 60 degrees.

"then leave!" I could hear Sally say from their bedroom, it was like clockwork. she would tell him to leave and then just as loudly he would slam the door behind him. I never could hear what their argument was about or why it even started, I could barely hear them as they argued but clear as day I could hear her say to leave then him slamming the door behind himself. I tried to close my eyes knowing that their argument had finished for the night and he would come home in what I assume is the early morning to get ready for work before leaving for the day. I would never hear much from Sally after he leaves, I think the distance from her room to mind muffled any other words or feelings.

It had been a week since their last argument and I hadn't seen or heard much from either of them. I didn't think much of it, I had barley saw them during the week as it was and assumed no different when this Thursday approached. I was more of a home body as it was but since I had just moved I didn't know very many people and with the coldness of the neighborhood, it was very rare for anyone to be out late, even the local pub only stayed open past 10:00 pm. I made my way to to the elevator, hitting my floor and then waiting for the doors to close, as they started to I saw a hand slide between the heavy metal doors.

"ope, wait for me!" the deep voice said. As the doors pushed open I stood a little a straighter against the elevator walls.

It was James.

My breathe caught in the back of my throat, he was home early. I knew the time was about 5 o'clock and he usually didn't get home until 7. I tried to look around the small elevator, but I could feel him staring at me. I looked up at him, for a second his eyes looked as if they were purple.

"Lilac" he said to me, I looked up at him, noticing his height he had nearly towered over me. "your name is Lilac right?" he asked. I shook my head in disbelief, we had barley said more than 3 words to one another, yet he knew my name?

"yeah, that's me" I told him, he smiled and sent chills down my spine. The elevator dinged open and he took a step out.

"I'll see you around Lilac" he said as the doors closed. I let out a deep breath and before I knew it the doors opened again and I was on my floor. I walked to my door and turned the knob.

I didn't notice until a while later that it was nearly 10 o'clock. I hadn't heard any arguing I didn't even hear a door slam. I looked at the clock again. 10:05 pm, it felt like time was moving faster. I walked around the apartment turning the lights off, I heard a Knock against the door. Cautiously I walked over, it was James. I opened the door and he he stood there towering over me.

"told you Lilac" he said to me. My eyes got heavier, I could feel myself get dizzier and dizzier, then I could feel arms wrap around me. "don't worry little Lilac" I could hear James say, before everything went black.

I slowly opened my eyes, I looked around the room but I couldn't see much, there wasn't much light and what their was didn't show more than a few inches ahead of me. I tried to stand but it was then that I noticed my arms and legs were pinned against a metal table. I tried to scream but I couldn't even open my mouth. It was like my body was asleep but I wasn't. I tried to listen for anything that could help me, help me figure out where I was, or how I got here.

There was little to no noise, the buzzing of a fridge the running of the air conditioner. There was nothing that sounded like anyone was with me.

How did I get here, I kept trying to picture the last thing I could remember, I was in my Math class and heading home. I took the bus and grabbed my mail from the lobby. I couldn't remember anything after that. It was foggy like a cloud covered it. I heard a door open then slam shut.

"Hi honey!" I heard a woman say, her voice was familiar.

"hey" the man's voice was sharp and cold.

I tried to move my arms, anything to make some type of noise. I could hear the sound of the burner, it clicked a few times before silence.

"You brought home another one" the woman said. "why do you keep bringing this young ones here? that is what your store is for!" she started to yell.

"It is to much work to carry them to the store!" he yelled back. "I am not exactly a spring chicken anymore."

"James! I am tired of this you need to stop bringing them here! they are going to notice!" where have I heard that name before.

"maybe if instead of staying in this dreadful apartment all day you could help me and I would Sally!" The voices got louder, they were fighting.

"you want me to do what? how can I help you oh great one?! tell me what to do." she yelled back. "you've already grabbed all the girls in this town and most of the boys! at this rate we will have to move by winter!"

They were talking about me....

"I am so tired of fighting with you every week about this, its the same fight every week!" he told her, I heard someone walk across the floor. "if you don't want them here fine!" I could hear the knob for the door twist. "find your own dinner" he told her. I could see the light from the kitchen shine into the room I was in, the silhouette of the man approached me. As he got closer his face became clear to see. His eyes were purple. Clear as could be. Purple.

"THEN LEAVE!" the woman said, as the door slammed behind him, removing the last bit of light I could see.

I tried to move but there wasn't much I could.

"don't worry Lilac, you'll feel better soon" the voice said. I closed my eyes and braced for whatever was about to happen.

I could hear the lightning strike and I jumped from my bed, looking around, It was a bad dream. I was back in my apartment everything seemed to be back how it was supposed to be. I looked at the time. 06:45 am, I rubbed my eyes and got out of the bed. I needed a glass of water or something to clear my head.

As I walked into the kitchen there was a bouquet of black roses on the table, and a note that under it.

I am sorry for the loss

Lilac will be missed

I blinked and stared at it a few times. I will be missed? What did I loose? I took a step backwards. I then noticed the entire apartment was covered with black roses.

"don't worry little Lilac, you finally joined the party" I heard a voice say from behind me. I turned and saw James leaning against the wall he smirked at me. "you'll be hungry soon better eat up" he threw a bag at me and it landed with a hard thud on the table. I could smell the contents of the bag clearly, blood.

Opening the bag I could see red, Sally. I looked at James who smiled at me.

"Don't worry little Lilac, Humans are better this way"

He walked out of the apartment strong, with his head high as if he told the humors joke. I wanted to cry and scream but the hunger over powered me. Just one bite.

I couldn't help it.

She was so good.

what was i becoming?

I looked across at the hall mirror and that is when I noticed my eyes.

They were Lilac...

Hope everyone enjoyed the chilling story of The Human, If you want me to make more short story posts please comment below!



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