30 Days to Self Care
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30 Days to Self Care

Good Afternoon everyone!

I can not believe September is almost over! I mean it feels like 2019 just started and 2020 is only 3 months away! This year has been filled with ups and downs and tons of good times and bad. I think one of the biggest things I am looking forward to next year is really being able to let my blog and vlog grow and become the page I have always planned on becoming.

I know that here and there you can really get down on yourself and trust me 2019 has been filled with days that I have just felt like I have killed it as a mom or young adult. SO i understand those feelings of defeat and just down on your luck.

Self Care seems so simple, like everyone you know seems to talk about self care from Celebs to the other moms at school. So what is the big thing about self care?

Self Care is really just the idea of taking time throughout your day to really take care of yourself and not have to worry about others and especially for us moms, to take a breath and just be you instead of mom for a bit.

I know crazy idea right? to not be mom for 30 minutes? trust me I feel the same way.

Its actually really hard to take of the mom hat with Aria being so busy and active and really needing me most of the day. But I had to learn to really take the time to just breathe and be myself for a few minutes, I suffered from really bad post postpartum once Aria was born and in all honesty I was doing everything alone so I really didn't have time to look at myself and not see a mom. I was always running around either getting her settled or working non stop and making lasting memories with Aria.

It wasn't until later and a few mental breakdowns did I understand how important it is to take care of myself and not fill myself with so much doubt or worry and take a few deep breaths. Which is where the 30 day Self care challenge came from.

I started this challenge for myself to slowly give myself a few moments throughout the day to relax, either read a book, take a long bath, listen to an audio book or anything else that would let me just unwind and relax for a couple of moments.

Doing this ended up becoming an everyday thing and after 30 days it became a habit to take time to really relax and make sure my sanity was all there and I wouldn't be freaking out as much.

It may not seem like a lot and as a single mom it was hard to take a break from being a mom, you don't feel like you can and when you do there is so much mom guilt. It sucks and I know from personal experience it can cause a huge downward spiral until you can't figure out what you need.

There has been times that for no reason I start crying in the middle of dinner, and I don't know what to do.

So maybe just start with one or two things a week, or once every two weeks. Just being able to take your time and really take a step back away from being a mom (or dad) and just be Sam, or Joann, or Michele. It can really do a lot for your mental health and well kids they love you no matter what and they don't remember the cool cars, or barbies and dresses. They remember the moments they share with their parents.

Comment below if you are starting the 30 day challenge this October!

I would love to know your story and help you along the way!


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